22. edycja Brand Identity Grand Prix

22. edycja Brand Identity Grand Prix

30 listopada jest ostatni dzień na rejestrację do 22. edycji konkursu Brand Identity Grand Prix – serdecznie zachęcamy do zgłaszania prac!

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The Brand Identity GrandPrix rewards the best projects of brand identity and strategic design from the structural perspective of visual communication.

Constantly seeking renewal, the Award presents itself to operators and brands as the most valuable and sensitive barometer of the effervescence of Italian creativity.

The Brand Identity GrandPrix is open to Italian and international agencies involved in the field of strategic design and branding. The aim is to grant an international qualitative level to the awards given from a visual communication perspective.

Goals: increasing the relevance of visual communication in investing companies\’ marketing mix, creating an international showcase of the best International branding projects, widening and stimulating the market, offering new creative inspirations, contributing to the discovery and the highlighting of new talents, giving interested companies one more tool to choose the right agency.

A Jury composed of distinguished personalities and marketing directors both experts in the visual communication fields will select the award-winning projects for each category. The Brand Identity GrandPrix winner will then be selected from all projects that have won in each category.